Friday, December 3, 2010

Get Well Soon

 We finally went for a walk yesterday much to Leeloo and Esme's delight. Raimi wanted to go for a walk too obviously but it was the girls who were really full of beans. I had them on lead for a short way so that we could take a different path than usual and they pulled my along eager to be set loose. Once loose they took off and disappeared into the bushes.

They did come back when I called though and were very self-satisfied indeed. Leeloo in particular was pretty smug about being able to burn off a bunch of steam racing through the woods. She's a pretty happy camper now despite being on a limited diet and anti-biotics.

Raimi did have a race about but because he was much sicker than Leeloo he got tired sooner. I could definitely tell that toward the end of the walk they were slowing down quite a bit (except Esme of course), meandering along and stopping to sniff for longer periods. You can tell in this photo that Raimi's tummy is sucked in a bit more than usual, he lost 4 pounds in the week he was sick but he'll gain that back no problem given his ravenous appetite the past couple days!

Leeloo was on squirrel patrol as usual but was not so serious about it as on previous walks. I'm sure the squirrel appreciated the 4 days of no harassment by Ridgebacks while they were sick!

And Esme still doesn't know what all the fuss was about. I'd love to know how she managed to avoid this illness but we will never be able to find out. I am just eternally grateful that she did not get sick however it won't prevent her from getting the 'sick dog' bath this weekend once the house is bleached!

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Kathryn said...

It sounds like you're going to need a spa day after all that cleaning, dog bathing and worrying. Take care. KP