Monday, December 13, 2010

Roll Bounce

Today is Esme's day. She always has such a marvelous time on the walks but I don't think that comes through in photos very well because she is hard to photograph since she is generally moving at light speed. Here is the entry to the beach where the dogs stopped to wait for me.  

And the first thing to do, obviously, is tackle Boy. She will routinely throw herself at his neck and shoulders and he just ... sighs. He is extremely patient but does not often engage her in play - that is Leeloo's job.

Doesn't stop her trying though! Sometimes he ducks out of the way which to Esme is just as good as playing.

Once bored with that little game she then races herself around in circles looking for someone else to hassle.

I absolutely adore this next photo. I think it epitomizes exactly how she feels.

Here is she galloping along the beach with me trotting beside her. Bright little eyes glowing, happy little legs churning ... what a cutie pie! There is nothing that makes me happier than to see the dogs happy ... and this is happy!

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