Friday, July 31, 2009


When we were at the beach a couple days ago it was so hot we were only there for a short time. Too long by half according to Archer who started digging a hole to get to the cool sand. Raimi, ever the follower, started to help him but didn't seem to understand the point. So he lay down on the hot sand and allowed Archer to cover him with the top layer of hot sand. Leeloo lay down in some of the cool sand to take a break from doing nothing. Eventually Raimi started to get covered by the sand but he didn't seem to notice. I'm not sure where Archer was going but he was digging a trench inland. Perhaps he was expecting the beach to be stormed by Vikings. Archer was pretty insistent that a hole be dug. To be honest I'm not even sure Raimi realized he was being covered in sand.
It's hot. It's humid. He's covered in sand. He's happy. Go figure.

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