Saturday, July 4, 2009

Family Matters

I have been so busy and absorbed in the adventures of the New Home that I haven't updated on the progress of Halo's final litter of puppies. They are all doing marvelously well and as puppies, do, getting everyone to fall madly in love with them.

Hunter went to Kelowna, he was White Boy, and he has two little girls to play with there. Apparently he ate peach pit and after some vomiting part of it came up. A couple days, more unsuccessful vomiting, a visit to the vet, a shrug from the vet, more days to stew, and then the other half came up. His owner has compared him to a piranha and I think it's pretty apt. Tikka is in Kitimat, BC (she was Bridget) and she is also enjoying the company of children as she grows and she is kicking Doberman butt. Her owner asked about the bald patch she has partway down her tail - totally normal for a Ridgeback puppy. It will grow in as they mature - the puppies with more black in their coat makes it less noticeable but for whatever reason they all have it.
Rio is in Calgary and spends a lot of time in the mountains. Her mom puts Rio in her backpack and carries her when she gets too tired during a hike - so cute. Rio's new best friend is a German Shepherd named Jack and he is the most stable temperamented GSD I've ever met. Rio is right on track with her growth - giant feet and ears!

Of course Odin(or Odie and I still think of him) shares a house and a blog with his new sister Kika. He is learning all kinds of new things from Kika and growing like a weed. Soon he will weigh more and be much bigger than little Kika but I bet she is still the boss no matter how big he gets!

I don't have a recent photo but in Yellowknife Missy's name has since been changed to Ella and she is stealing hearts all over the north. She came down with a bladder infection just like Rio but it should be on the mend now. Not sure why this litter of girls was afflicted with UTI problems - maybe next litter I'll stay away from Iams ... I've had too many problems with it to continue using it. Also, Ella seems to have started the 'flying nun' ears rather soon ... this is often related to teething and causes their to ears go all wonky. You can correct it with added vitamin C to the diet or simply wait for the ears to settle after the teeth are done. A show puppy would have its ears weighed down to 'teach' the muscles to behave.

I also don't have recent photos of Elsa in Calgary - who is now Gracie - but I'm sure she is doing great. This is the family's second Ridgeback and they know what they're in for. They have three small children too so a very busy household!

Send me your new photos of these guys - I'm sure anyone reading the blog is now getting sick of my beach bums!

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