Thursday, July 2, 2009

American Beauty

Halo, as we know, was spayed this past spring when she had her c-section to remove lazy little Odin and thus we see the end of the high and low tides of her moods during her heats. A happy farewell do I bid those days of misery.

But the show must go on. I was thinking a few weeks ago how Leeloo is almost 10 months old and I should be watching her for signs of 'becoming a woman'. As though she could read my mind last week Raimi started thinking very hard about her bottom and I suspected she was on the cusp of coming into heat.

Now I'm sure she is and although it's a little more subtle than Halo's grotesque explosion of swelling and blood we are still in the early stages. There's time yet to get gross. Raimi gives her a good sniff now and then but is not the whining, trembling, howling, annoying Boy he will be in a few short days. Archer won't be as badly affected but he still won't have access to Lady Legs when she's in full blown heat.

As it is, though I am quite sure she is no where near ovulating(or even being in proper heat yet), they are all under strict supervision and never left alone together.

So far Leeloo is just paying a little more attention to her bottom, which is only slightly swollen, and has quietly become more clingy. Since it's her first heat she will not know what is going on and a young bitch's reaction to being in heat can often vary from total confusion to instant slut. I think Leeloo is more the confusion type. Rather ... it's a hope.

So my little girl is growing up. Sniff. I suspect this burst of hormones will trigger her body to catch up with her legs. I hope she doesn't completely lose her ballerina body but I'd like to see her start to look a little more in proportion ... otherwise people will think I'm breeding drop eared Ibizan Hounds.

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S&K Weich said...

Oh, please don't start breeding Ibizan Hounds. :o) Poor Leeloo...welcome to womanhood. I hope she's confused, too.