Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Emerald Forest

I have a lovely video to put up of Leeloo in the Best Puppy in Show ring - it's a recording of the first one that she didn't win although her movement is the same so it doesn't matter. She won the second show which we decided we wouldn't record. Duh. Anyway, once I have figured out a glitch or two I'll put it up.

Anyway, I took them all for a run yesterday in a field and some forest adjacent to a school yard about 3 blocks from my house and they had a wonderful time. I think they more enjoy the grass than the sand so I'll alternate the runs. Here's Leeloo being silly. She was boinging through along and ambushing Archer. What a screwball. And Archer in the flock of ferns that were along the forest floor when we ventured into the trees a bit. It looks like he's listening carefully to The Secret of the Ferns. I bet they have a lot to say.
They all like to venture ahead whenever we go into new territory ... I have to admit, I always feel very safe when I'm with them.

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S&K Weich said...

Archer is quite the handsome little guy.