Sunday, July 12, 2009


I've been putting off posting because I'm having some serious keyboard issues. Yesterday morning Ceilidh was napping on the window sill in the sunlight - a favorite place of hers. She must have lost her balance and fell off the sill ... directly into the water dish. A large water dish which is right next to the laptop. SPOOSH. (Ask me later why my laptop is on the floor ...)

Mad scramble by the cat get out of the dish and some water droplets hit my keyboard. I dried it off as quickly as I could but obviously some water got in. No processing issues so far but 'n' is fickle, windows pop up unexpectedly, the space bar doesn't work all the time, the arrow keys don't all work and the shift key has some ... issues. I also have to randomly smash the keyboard and it mysteriously works fine for a little while and then starts with the nonsense again.

I'll see over the next couple days if it improves but unfortunately this likely means I'll end up just posting a photo or two with minimal description because typing is becoming incredibly frustrating as you may well imagine.

The cat was fine if anyone cares ... I know I didn't.

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S&K Weich said...

That's not good. Your babies seem to ruin all of your nice things. ;o)