Thursday, July 30, 2009

Event Horizon

Although it may seem like it I don't actually take my camera with me everytime I go out with the dogs. Sometimes I forget and regret it and sometimes I take it and come home with mediocre photos that I just delete.

Today was a day that I dithered about taking it. I have to be careful when I have it because I can be clumsy and don't want to accidentally drop it in the ocean. All I'd really planned was to hit the beach at low tide so the dogs had the benefit of the sand flats to run on. I decided in the end to take the camera and am I ever glad I did. Yesterday was the day that the Tall Ships were in Pictou and I was down at the pier taking photos but today they set sail to Pugwash(where I'll be on Saturday with my parents) which means they have to sail directly past the beach to which I usually take the dogs.

As I drove onto the gravel road of Caribou I saw in the distance the Picton Castle heading into the Strait. I sent a silent thank you to the nudge that pushed me to take the camera. We got to the beach as the Picton Castle was passing and about a mile behind it was the Roseway.
Since there are too many photos to post here I'll just provide a link to one of the most fortuitous accidents of timing I've ever had the benefit of experiencing.

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sohms said...

tikka from bc so SWAM today, took her to the doggy beach where she met a dozen friends.....her first camping trip rocked!!!!!!!!!!!