Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Three's Company

I do still have cats although I don't often post about them. They do their thing without much interference from me; and by thing I mean they break things, knock things over, dig in things, rip things apart, chase things, and eat things.

I groomed Ceilidh the other day and took about about another half cat's worth of hair. Everyone, including the dogs, has been shedding up a storm since we got here, possibly because of the warmer air. This means more vacuuming - my second least favorite chore after laundry. Her favorite spot is sitting on the TV and looking out the front window.
Weasley is a character and a half and is constantly doing things that I find annoying and amusing at the same time.
I caught him catching a couple flies against a window in the laundry area - he had to stand on the expen to get to the window but he was determined.
Mallaig is the most obliging cat in the house ...until dark. And then she turns into the naughtiest cat I've ever known. She is a hellion of trouble and takes advantage of the absence of the dogs and me to wreak her own special havoc during the midnight hour. She just looks naughty doesn't she?

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S&K Weich said...

The kitties sure do round out the picture of your little family.