Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Rock

I do try to time my visits to the beach so the tide is out and the flats of the tidal plains are big and open for the dogs to run on but sometimes I forget to check and we get there to find the beach has shrunk and there's not much to run on. Not that the dogs want to run in this heat so we go rock climbing instead.
Rock climbing is fun though. Halo sure makes it look like the best time ever doesn't she? Archer wanted Halo to follow him but she would only go so far before she decided there was too much water around her. I used to be standing on the rock with Raimi but decided to move myself when he almost shoved me into the drink trying to turn around. I left Archer with him to take his chances.

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S&K Weich said...

Before you know it, you'll have champion Ridgeback swimmers with all the water exploring you guys are doing out there.