Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Color Purple

Before the household descended into chaos we managed a few beach trips in the early hours of the morning to avoid running into beach goers. Along the boardwalk are fields of purple flowers the dogs like to bounce through and poop in. Irresponsible me, I am not conscientious in stomping through 2 foot high brush to track down poop.

Halo is fond of leading Archer through the foliage and then promptly losing him. You might think she's looking for him but no, she doesn't care where he is.
A while ago we saw Archer bounding through a field of buttercups. I don't know what these purple things are but it's an enviable joy.
Here's a larger version of the same joy.
Archer can't easily see over the tops of the flowers but has an even harder time floundering around in them.

I know you are asking "Where's Leeloo?" She was with us but Blogger is refusing to load the photo of her. Not sure why. Blogger is giving me some headaches these days.

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