Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sand Trap

More beach time. It is just such a novelty for me I can't seem to get enough of it. Perhaps one day. Archer was pretty sure there was something interesting in the sand ... turns out it was just more sand. The beaches are now littered with these things. They are jellyfish. Dead ones. The dogs pay absolutely no attention to them, thank gawd, because they are pretty gross. You can see them floating in the water too but they are all dead ... their season must be over.
Archer enjoying a serene moment. Some seagulls caught his eye and he followed them to the edge of the rock but no further ... a boy after his mother's heart.
The three youngsters crowded on the edge of the rock - Leeloo splooshed into the water for a moment to follow the birds but changed her mind pretty quickly.
More often than not Halo can be found minding her own business and keeping her feet dry. It certainly makes it easy to clean her up before getting back into the truck.

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