Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Punch Drunk Love

At least now I know I can take a punch. Going to the dog park with Raimi certainly has its hazards and today we added another mental note. That note being - take a kleenex with you to staunch the flow of blood. From your nose. After you've been scratching a Raimi bum and he bounces up to "thank" you for the attention. He bounced away all happy and came back to bounce some more. Meanwhile I was staggering and thinking it must be cold out because my nose is running a lot. Then it occurs to me ... what color I wonder is the "running"? We had to go straight home because I didn't have a way to stop the blood. The walk was only about 13 minutes long. Seems long enough as he is sleeping soundly with Petal but it could also be the beat down he gave me that was so exhausting.

I haven't posted since Sunday because I've been busy cleaning up a lot of runny puppy poo. I spend the balance of my time worrying about runny poo. The main concern I have is dehydration as diarrhea can dehydrate you quite a bit and when you're a tiny puppy you can get sick pretty fast. Fortunately it just seems to be a bug running through them ... I think. If anyone gets listless or starts vomiting it's off to the vet we go.

Honestly I am not sure I can take much more in the way of not eating, gunky eyes, diarrhea, not eating again ... I am beginning to feel that the first litter was a dress rehearsal and this litter is the live show. I don't have any new pics to post but I've put in some from the past couple days to tide you over. Somehow puppy diarrhea doesn't seem cute.

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