Monday, January 28, 2008

Meet the Fockers

Time to introduce some of the players in this little production. I'll start with half today and get the other half tomorrow as they are twelve and rather a lot to cram into one day.

Yellow girl is a red wheaton with a very small black mask - she'll just have a dusting of black around her nose and eyes. She has a white patch with a big brown spot in the middle so technically it's not even really a patch - more of an abstract sort of U shape. She's a spunky little girl and a definite show prospect. She can certainly hold her own in this crowd.

Ah Orange boy. He is the CPR puppy who made a come back. He's going to be a wheaton with no masking at all - just dark pigment like Raimi. He will never be a large dog but will be extremely athletic and he's really really smart - he likes to go under the futon in the puppy room but today he learned that he doesn't really fit under there anymore - he got under but couldn't get out. He's very spunky, the first to go exploring, but loves his cuddles as he was hand fed for the most days out of the lot. Oh and he's a really good kisser.

Light wheaton boy will be a light wheaton with some masking but not a lot. It will be a nice accent to his face. He has got some kind of charm that puppy. He's not as heavily built as some of the other puppies and he can move pretty fast for such a little guy. He's about middle of the pack with size and while he's not a trouble maker he does hold his own when he needs to. He's more of a sit and think sort of guy - thought before action is his MO.

Pale Pink girl will be a wheaton with a small black mask. She is the eater. In fact one could say it's almost her profession - just like the Momma. She's always been kind of a porker but since she discovered that the food in the dish is basically limitless she has effectively gorged herself. She is a little adventurer who makes it known that she has something to say most of the time. Usually what she has to say is "Pay attention to me" and generally gets her way. When she discovers somethign new it is investigated and then chewed on.

Blue boy is pretty handsome - he's one of the show prospect puppies - he'll be a wheaton with a small black mask. Essentially he's Raimi with a mask - kind of like a Batman Raimi. He stands out because he's a pretty good size - the only other puppy that compares is Black boy in size. He is very adventurous and likes to find new and far away places to poop. He doesn't often win a fight tho as he can be a bit of a push over but will step in as the heavy hitter when it's two on one.

Light Wheaton girl is going to be a very pretty blonde. Unlike the blonde stigma she is one smart cookie. So far she's the only puppy who reliably goes back into the pen to pee or poo even when she's playing outside the pen. She is an independent sort and likes to get picked up for kisses but she doesn't really seek them as much as some of the others. This may be because she was the only puppy who was never ever suplemented - always the one with the fat tummy and I never ever worried about her.
Tomorrow we will meet White, Green, Black, Dark Pink, Maroon and Red.

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