Thursday, January 17, 2008

Escape from Alcatraz

So here's a few pics of the ex-pen post fiasco. This is one attempt. The cat approves. Not really - she is very patient tho and was waiting for someone to let her out. Eventually one of the permutations resulted in a gap for her to escape through. Phil was waiting for the impressive jump to get out. It never happened but I've seen it ... she can jump straight over. When you really need her on one side she can easily get to the other. It's all about motivation.

This is the final result. The puppies are happily napping and the pen is nice and large for them to wander in. It seems to be working well, no one has made a break for it and everyday the pen is exactly where I left it when I come in from work. Seems to be a success after 48 hours. Give it another few weeks and we'll see how it pans out. I still think they are going to think of something we haven't.

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