Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Breakfast Club

Every time I go in the see the babies when they are sleeping the same thing happens when I speak. Picture a pile of puppies all comfy and fast asleep and the moment I say "Baaaabiieeeesssss" their heads all pop up and suddenly there is a swarm of puppihood seething across the pen. They all head to the paper to have a military drill pee and then stumble around looking for the exit to where they know their mom waits in a DOWN ... STAY to feed them. I promised I would capture this unique phenomenon and so I have. I missed the beginning part but the effect is pretty self- explanatory.

Here is Blue Boy telling the bee toy just what he thinks of it.

Tonight ... success on a somewhat relieving scale - I seem to have hit on a puppy food that is universally popular - so much so that even No Ribbon boy suddenly start eating it. I shoved some food under a light wheaton nose thinking it was No Ribbon girl and the puppy just started eating. When I realized it was the boy I was madly keeping the food flowing and trying not to distract him from his task - when he got full and lost interest I decided not to push it. We'll see if he's changed his mind in the morning.

Orange boy also decided it was time to start eating solid food again after a few days of going off it. He happened to wander over and start licking the paper which had puppy food smooshed on it so I took a fingerful of food and put it under his nose. He started to lick and decided he liked it. Let me tell you I had tears brewing. Phew. He was starting to look a little raggedly because he's not getting the full tummy everyone else is. Halo is producing less milk now and he could not seem to fill up so was getting ribby. Hopefully now he will plump up like everyone else. Even Maroon who has gone off the solid also tried some this afternoon and we seem to all be in the same chapter now if not quite the same page.
When one compares the photos from a couple weeks ago the effect is pretty drastic. Poor Halo doesn't have a chance against the madly ravenous crowd. This was breakfast this morning ... a Starbucks line has nothing on these patrons.

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