Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Play's The Thing

More playing today - well more play involving each other and people. They are now responding to voices to encourage them to show affection and their eyes light up and they kiss and wag tails. I talk like that to Raimi a lot so he comes running to see what sort of cuddles he gets. Imagine his disappointment.

I try to make sure he gets a good squeeze after I'm done with babies so that he doesn't feel too jealous. He makes sure to get his cuddles in from Petal though.

Earlier he was cleaning out the left over puppy dish and it didn't occur to me til after he'd pretty well licked off the finish that the two puppies who were poking their noses in while he was eating might have been in danger. Some dogs have a real thing about food but Raimi just kept licking away and ignored the two puppies altogether. Raimi is such a good stable fellow to have around.

The cat has finally introduced herself to the puppies. It's taken her some time to get around to being in the room while they are out. I think she was hoping that if she ignored them they would just go away. I can't imagine she doesn't remember the last litter - she definitely teased the last bunch and I have no reason to suspect she won't do the same again - although I suspect she may be in a little over her head with this crowd. There are almost double the number from last time so she better be prepared.

Petal has also seen her way to making more introductions to the puppies. Halo only takes offense when Petal comes round when they're nursing, otherwise she doesn't seem to much mind, I just make sure to keep and eye on them. Petal respects Halo's mothering skills and tries to only look at the puppies that are wandering off in the corners. You'd think those ones Halo would worry most about since they are not protected in her the fold.

Sleep is also a primary task associated with puppy life and fortunately they do it well indeed. Although, the choice of some sleep postiions baffles me.

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