Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fast Food Nation

Now that Halo is weaning the puppies they have discovered that food that is in the dish is basically limitless - or at least til the tummies are full. It's a bit of an oddity but they all gravitate toward the same dish - even though there are three dishes all with food in them. There is a dish here but it's covered with puppy trying to stuff food in as fast as possible. It's absolutely a genetic pre-disposition.

Yesterday the puppies went on an expidition into my bedroom closet where Halo's bed is located. They were just fascinated with it because it smelled like Halo and they stomped around and around in it sniffing like mad. They are only getting one feed a day from her now last thing at night so anytime they encounter her smell they get so excited. It's really adorable because they sniff really hard and push their noses into the blanket to get all the good smells up their noses. It's like they think she's hiding under the blanket or something.

This is Blue boy and Light Wheaton boy learning to counter surf early. Fortunately I have never had a problem with Halo or Raimi counter surfing so perhaps these guys are tapping some deep seated Ridgeback gene that Halo and Raimi are missing. I am not to blame of course if they end up being expert counter surfers in later years.

This is Light Wheaton girl trying to have a drink but they are still not experts. I make sure their food has lots of water in it so they are getting a good amount of fluid but real water in a dish seems to be more of a novelty that anything else. Once they are not getting any fluid from Halo they will start to drink more regularly.

Nothing beats Momma. Hands down. Now they can stand to eat it's become a feeding frenzy of unusual proportions. She doesn't move because it's a little awkward and when they are done she tries to walk away and all you hear is the pop pop pop of mouths unsticking from her boobs. Only 4 more days of her nursing them and then it's over. It will take about 4 days for her to 'deflate' and then she'll tighten up fairly quickly. I can tell already that she's producing way less milk and once they're weaned she'll be her svelt self once again.

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Tracy said...

They are absolutely adorable! Gorgeous puppies!