Sunday, January 27, 2008

About a Boy

The Boy has come to terms with the puppy invasion. Finally. He thinks there's some possibility that these little things might prove useful in some way. He has been playing gently with them - although the time I turned around to find a puppy head entirely enveloped by his mouth was a little disconcerting. He never grabs hard, respects the noise they make if he's too rough and I am of course, always present to supervise. His care and attention rivals Halo's in that he watches where he puts his feet, minds them enough to get onto the couch to be out of their way and actually plays with them ... not like Momma who prefers to scope for missed pieces of food and poop. It's good he's changed his tune as he hasn't been to the park in a few days due to circumstances and the weather so at least he has some level of amusement.

I must say - all things considered - he still does not realize he cannot fit in my lap - even his head is a bit of a squeeze - tho he does try. He seemed to be telling me "See Momma? I still fit." Poor guy - soon he will have his house back and more importantly ... me.

I had 4 puppies in my lap in this photo - they all came and piled on and Raimi decided that if it was lap time he as all in. Everyone fell and sleep and Raimi happily gazed at me with adoring eyes. He is my Handsome Boy.

He likes to take a good sniffy at them too when he thinks they won't mind - it' s like an investigation where he feels he won't get caught looking. The second they move to look back he pretends he was doing something else.
He is such a patient understanding Boy and he really is a great dog to have around puppies as he's very mellow. He listens to me really well and backs off when he's told to ... soon he will not know what happened to the slow stumbly puppies and will be running away from them in a panic.

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S&K Weich said...

What a good boy! I'm sure that Raimi and Halo haven't enjoyed going outside to do their business as of late...with all of this horribly cold weather. Max came in this morning after his potty and would not walk on one of his back paws because they had gotten too cold!