Friday, January 18, 2008

Life Is Beautiful

So it's Friday. Oh thank gawd. I'm exhausted - mostly from worry and stress over the puppies. Everyone is fine and running around like maniacs ... well ... as well as they can given their lack of walking practice. Some more puppies aren't eating - they seem to be passing a little eye infection to each other and while it clears up after about 48 hours I think it makes them go slightly off the solid food. They will always eat from Halo so not to worry - solid food is a big step.

Here we have Orange Boy who reminds me of Piglet. He's a really sweet little boy and is content to be picked up anytime and settle into your arms to snuggle. He had an explore of the closet which is Dark and Dangerous Territory when you're Very Small.

The biggest won't eat culprit is No Ribbon boy who is a very pretty boy. Somehow, despite his lack of solid intake, he manages to stay plump and naughty. It doesn't matter how many times you shove a piece of food in his face it's nothing doing - he clams up and won't consider it. Maybe if fingers were on the menu he'd change his mind.

They are starting to give kisses and play more now, Pale Pink even play bowed and wagged her tail at a fold in the towel. I picked up Maroon girl and she was kiss kiss kissing my cheek - likely looking for food but it's nice to get little puppy kisses whatever the reason. I loooooove puppy breath. It smells a little sweet and warm - so nice.
Must feed babies soon and then make our way to bed - I can't wait to be asleep. It's been a very exhausting week brain-wise.

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