Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Hit List

Here we are with Miss Green. She is a wheaton but will not have a mask. She is a very spunky independent little girl who only seems to realize that when you pick her up she likes it. She's very adventurous and makes her way to new territory without checking with anyone to see if it's okay. She does not stand out as a big personality because she prefers to be self-sufficient but it doesn't make her a wallflower in any way. Once she is picked up she loves a good cuddle and will fall asleep snuggled in your arms.

Miss Maroon will be a red wheaton with nice black pigment.She is special since she has the letter M on her chest - it was a total coincidence that I put the Maroon color on her but it suits! She is a follower and likes to make sure someone else has tested the waters before dipping a toe in. This was her investigating Raimi's bed and probably feeling a little over-whelmed by the sheer size.

Red Boy will be a light wheaton with a bit of dusting over his muzzle and around his eyes. He is a lot like Green girl in that he likes to do it his way but definitely enjoys a snuggle and a kiss or two. He's a big boy and will be nice and sturdy but will retain the Ridgeback's natural agility that lends itself well to chasing squirrels and guarding the yard from rogue cats.

Mr Black is going to be a Raimi clone. He's a very good boy who likes to investigate new things if they are in his comfort zone but generally follows close behind any new fun that someone else is discovering. He doesn't like a lot of picking up as he's quite big but does enjoy a lap cuddle and will give good kisses if you offer a cheek or chin.

White boy aka Buddha Boy will be a nice wheaton is the only puppy who will have a large black mask. He's a cutie for sure. He is the first puppy to puts himself to bed when he's had enough play and sits on the bed waiting for everyone else to catch up. He can EAT as evidenced by the fat tummy displayed here(no he's not pooping - he's standing like that because he's so fat it's hard to stand properly).

Ah Miss Pink, already doing grown up dog things. She is a delight I tell you and personality plus. She's in your face and telling you she wants whatever is you're doing to be something she is doing. Whenever something is happening that involves fun or frolic she's right in the middle of it or on her way. She is one pretty girl and certainly knows what she wants.

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S&K Weich said...

The babies have sure grown up into their own personalities, haven't they? How much fun for you to be able to know them and be a part of that!