Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Small Things

Esme takes it in turns with being irritated with the puppies and then wanting to play with them. There doesn't seem to be any consistency when she will allow them to engage in play or will roar at them in irritation. Kind of like all the rest of us. She is now outweighed by about 10 pounds compared to Zayi who is the 'smallest' puppy so she needs to do some pretty serious roaring to get any respect.

A common Puli joke is to ask which end is the head. Zayi knows it's the end with the little pink tongue.

It's also the end with the teeth. If you try to smack Esme on the head with your naughty white foot it will end up getting gnawed on by one irritated Puli.

And if you persist in being annoying your ear gets chomped and there is a lot of growling, snarling and fur flying. If you're Zayi you tend to just ignore this display of ferocity and treat it as some silly game Esme is playing. It must be hard to be a little black Puli all full of ideas about how tough you are and to be bowled over 100 times a day by an annoying 16 week old Ridgeback puppy. No doubt Esme is counting the days until she only has one to deal with too.

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