Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two Weeks Notice

It's less than two weeks until both Zayi and Gotham go to their new homes. Sometimes I think 'It's only two weeks' and other times I think 'It's still two weeks'. I tend to harp on this a bit, probably to the point where people are sick of hearing about me having these puppies. It's through no fault of the puppies or their owners, it is what it is, but what it is keeps peeing on my floors, barking incessantly at each other and I live in constant fear one of the ones I don't own is going to get hurt while in my care. 

Their expression say's "We'd never do that!" but life's lessons have instructed me otherwise and the sooner they are under someone else's purview the better. Once they are on their respective flights, instead of my couch, the happier everyone will be; their owners, the puppies, their parents and me.

Speakign of ... their parents have had ENOUGH. One at a time is okay but all three with Raimi and Leeloo and things get ugly. Leeloo's patience is at an all time ebb which means much of the time they have to be separated, even when I'm present to supervise. There is not much to my life at this point except chasing puppies and trying to monitor pee breaks and I'm just plain tired. Gotham understands and willing listener to my troubles ... he's all ears.


Ellen said...

You mean Gotham is leaving, yes? Not Cora!

The Boss Bitch said...

LOL - yes - I fixed it - I meant Gotham ... see, can't keep track!