Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Big Country

Today was Zayi's turn to come out on a walk with us. We headed out to a couple of cleared acres that are for sale since I wanted to take a look at it. I am still undecided whether I want to buy a piece of property and put a house on it or buy a property with a house on it that might not have ideal location, house and land size. Anyway, I let the dogs out to see for themselves if the land was suitable and if the drive to its location, while I plan the house that would eventually sit there, was acceptable. I like it quite a bit but I won't be actually looking to buy until next year so all my ideas of having a place to walk my dogs (that is completely within my control) will have to dance in my head for a little longer.

Zayi thought being on this walk was a little over-whelming since her parents kept bolting off across the field with no regard to where their baby was. Fortunately Esme and I are pretty good babysitters.

She spent quite a lot of time looking at whatever Raimi and Leeloo were doing - possibly thinking about joining them but not quite getting up the courage to bound through the grass to follow their lead. 

Esme is pretty reliable about wanting to keep everyone in check so she'd often race back to Zayi to encourage her to play. Esme is the sort of dog who wants everyone to have a good time, just as long as the best time being had is by her.

This isn't the sort of activity Zayi could effectively participate in anyway. Boy and Leeloo smashing through grass and weeds is something you want to get out of the way of, not join, when you weigh a fraction what they do. Unless you're Esme of course.

Leeloo was showing off her fast skills. Perhaps warming up for the lure coursing she's going to be doing in a few weeks.

Zayi did attempt to keep up momentarily, just on the fringes of the fun, but sensibly avoided being in the line of fire.

There is just no way you want to be in the path of this bullet.  Raimi is easily 110 pounds right now and colliding with him would seem like you'd been hit by a car. Injuries sustained by large dogs colliding with people and other animals is no joke, they can cause some serious damage. I tend to brace myself when he does a run by.

Zayi however usually does no more than trip me when she's underfoot. It's just less than three weeks before she will get on a plane and have to learn French - fortunately NO! and NON! sound pretty much the same so I'm sure she'll be fine. Apparently St Pierre et Miquelon is beautiful but since I know the places I walk the dogs are also pretty darn nice, her expectations are pretty high.

All in all I think The Boy liked the property we looked at. Potentially one day it could be all his ... I mean mine. For him.

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