Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Stand

As a show dog person whenever I'm out on walks I'm always looking for  the show stack photo - the one where the dogs are standing four square looking marvelous. With puppies it can be a very rare occurence partly because they are too busy being busy and also they tend to stop facing away from me and if they're facing me and I crouch to take a photo they come running. The only puppy I was able to successfully capture in a natural pose from the side was Cora and this one is crooked because I was in a hurry to catch it, in fact the second after I took it she was off on some bouncing adventure. She's still crazy beautiful even with a slight downward tilt.

I never did get Zayi from the side although this one shows her pretty profile and her cute little bum. I think this was in fact the only moment she stood still the entire walk.

And after sorting through 130 photos I didn't find a single one of Gotham not in some sort of superhero activity. Ah well, when you're fighting crime in the fields of Malagash there isn't really time to stop and smell the roses. 

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