Sunday, September 25, 2011

Run Lola Run

In three weeks the RR Club of Eastern Canada is holding a lure coursing event in Nova Scotia. I think this is the first time this has been arranged in this province, or the Maritimes. It's a pretty exciting opportunity for east coast Ridgebacks since in Canada they are not considered a coursing breed. What is lure coursing? Essentially it mimics the flight of a rabbit across a field with the dogs being encouraged to chase it as is their natural inclination. The 'rabbit' is actually a plastic bag which is attached to a closed line that loops so the lure is dragged across the ground. The dogs have a great time and although they are not allowed to compete in Canada, lure coursing for Ridgebacks in the USA is a quite a big deal.

This video from the most recent RRCEC event in Becancour, Quebec is pretty much exactly what we expect to see from the dogs. Some are true to the lure, as in they follow it quite religiously, some are distracted, some can run in a pack and some aren't even Ridgebacks! Thanks to Sarah Lebrun for this video and our viewing pleasure.

Of my dogs I anticipate both Raimi and Leeloo will chase the lure pretty consistently although I expect Leeloo to be more intense about it. If they prove successful in being true to the course and follow it without getting distracted I might try to pop down to the US to attempt a lure coursing title on them. I certainly appreciate the chance to test their skill before making the trip!

The event is being held in Malagash on the North Shore of Nova Scotia - that's just under 2 hours from Halifax. It's near Tatamagouche and is my parent's property. If you've seen any of the dozens of photos I've posted of their land you'll know there is a very large cleared flat field behind their property that is great for this kind of activity. So far I think we are anticipating at least 12 -15 Ridgebacks to attend but we'd love to see more!

If you can make it out on Ocotober 15 and 16 we plan to have lure coursing on Saturday and a walk at a beach on the Sunday. The cost to non-members of the RRCEC is $10 per dog and that gives them 3 chances at the lure.  Everyone must sign a waiver and lame or unfit and fat dogs will not be allowed to run. Dogs should be social and friendly and should have a solid recall since the area is not fenced in.  All are welcome and it should be a fun day as long as the weather holds out! Contact me at invictushounds @ for directions and more details! Hope to see you there!

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