Sunday, September 4, 2011

Love Bug

Three years ago today my world, and the world in general, became a better place. Leeloo was delivered safely to planet Earth and from the second she was born she was special. Those darling white feet set her apart and she somehow knew it. To many she is now a fully a mature Ridgeback bitch but to me she will always be my Darling Bubbalicious.

She recently graced me with a beautiful litter of puppies and barely missed a step doing so. She makes me smile every day for various Doodlebug reasons; her earnest interest in food preparation, the insistence she get regular bum scratches, her absolute determination to sleep on my pillow, and the contented moan when I put her binkie over her head to sleep. Her self assurance that every demand will be met is defined by her unequivocal reason: 'Because I am Leeloo'.  

Leeloo gets what she wants because there isn't really a No in her life. This is strictly because she is the most sublty manipulative dog I have ever owned. Despite knowing I am being out-smarted by a dog she still manages to make me love her just a bit more each day. It's hard for us all not to love that crazy gal ... happy birthday my Darling Bubbalicious Doodblebug - here's to many more years of your evil ways.

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