Monday, September 19, 2011

Fly Away Home

October 7 will be a banner day here at Invictus. It's the day I get to wake up at some undoGly hour and drive to the airport so that Gotham and Zayi can fly out to their new homes. Gotham is headed to Calgary where his Uncle Rory eagerly awaits his arrival. For the past few months Gotham's new home has been in a flurry of activity preparing for his arrival ... new floors, new kitchen, new almost everything. What a lucky guy. I understand he will get to meet the kitchen counter installers and a few other trades but most of the work will be done by the time he gets there. I've never had someone renovate for a puppy but I guess there is always a first time (I'm kidding - renovations were well underway long before Gotham was a twinkle in his parent's eyes). If you want to see the incredible job Kathryn has been doing on what I suspect was already a pretty nice house, check out Rory's Ramblings (which morphed into a reno blog) and see what all the fuss is about. Gotham won't need a hard hat to enter the site but he will need to turn on his charm to win over Rory who is not accustomed to sharing his sunbeams. It's a good thing Gotham is going soon, he's already outgrown two crates ...

Zayi is headed to France or rather French owned islands off the coast of Newfoundland. I was hoping she could go sooner because although she is a delight, she is not my dog and needs her own people. The fly in the ointment to shipping her when I initially thought she could go was the airline, Air St Pierre, will not ship puppies younger than 16 weeks. According to French import regulatrions she could actually ship 10 days sooner but because of the airline she has to wait. In a way it's good because it saves me a drive to the airport, it's a 4 hour round trip, and both puppies can now go on the same day.

Cora, for her part, is not going to know what happened. Her whole life has been in the company of her siblings. One day she wakes up with two little buddies and the next she is alone. I'm sure she'll get over it soon what with squirrel hunting season upon us.

Keeping puppies a little longer is okay if there's just one extra or even two if you are not keeping one yourself. But three makes it difficult to house train, they have a hard time learning their names and it's just a gong show most of the time. I can't wait for them to fly to where they really belong and can pee on someone else's floor! They deserve their own people and I know for a fact that their people can't wait to get them!

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