Wednesday, September 21, 2011


As much as I might want the puppies to head to their new homes I am still very fond of each of them and their individual personalities. It's hard not to love Gotham since he is so much his Daddy it's uncanny. This is a photo of The Boy when he was just about Gotham's age.

And this is Gotham. See any resemblance? It's easy to predict the future for this Boy-in-Training.

Gotham also has another similarity to The Boy. He's made more adorable because he is large and goofy. 

Nope ... no similarities here! The only difference is age and item. This was Raimi's third birthday and he was being given a marshmallow bunny.

It's not hard to like dogs like Gotham and Boy. They may not be exacting to the Ridgeback standard but they are exacting to great temperaments and easily invite adoration where ever they go. Sometimes being perfect has nothing to do with appearance.

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