Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Batman Begins

Still taking the puppies out individually on the walks - Cora goes the most but Gotham and Zayi do get their turns. I took Gotham yesterday and he had to borrow Cora's collar - I was sure she wouldn't mind. Gotham is like his Daddy in so many ways it's uncanny. He will clearly be a big ol' boy and when he leaves I'll miss his silly little ways. He is pretty smart though being the first puppy to ask to go out when he needed to - it was a break through day let me tell you. It's not easy house training 3 puppies at once.

He channels his inner Mommy sometimes too with those ears. The set of his ears seems to be resolving into mostly his Daddy Boy's but when he's 'thinking' he gets his Mommy ears on. I guess that makes sense since his Daddy isn't exactly known for his thinking ability and his Mommy uses her brains rather too much in my opinion.

Now channelling Daddy - this is because he's doing nothing more diffifult than trotting through the grass, something The Boy is an expert at since it requires little to no brain cells.

I love this photo because it's so damn Leeloo. Look at her totally gorgeous head, lovely planes, fill in the cheek, perfect underjaw, soft, dark, round eye, smooth neck and gorgeous pigment ... and the ear. I know I go on a bit about her ears but it really is the one thing that can ruin a beautiful head. I love them on *her* because she is Leeloo ... that is all. Gotham loves them too.

I didn't order a Pointer but I got one I guess. Puppies being Serious are always so cute, Gotham thought he spotted something worth stalking, it was probably just Esme.

All puppies love to hide in the grass. Gotham in particular loved to roll in it, then jump up and leap about, get tangled in the tufts and then race about like he meant to do that.

There is a huge blackberry patch on our walk and I look forward to exploring it every Autumn. The blackberries are almost ripe now, they are mostly a deep maroon color so just a few more days and it will be a bumper crop. I have strange ideas of making blackberry jelly this year but like last year I suspect it will remain an idea. Gotham thinks it's cool to explore because the canes make tunnels.

Eating grass and weeds is fun I guess, if you're a puppy. I love the 'quiet moment' photos where the puppies are just doing what they do and I can sneak a photo of them just Being.

Caught in the act. He is certainly a handsome little fellow and I am more inclined to think so because he is so like his Dad at the same age. Frankly, any dog that has the potential to turn out like The Boy has nothing but a good future in store.

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