Thursday, September 8, 2011


Esme joined us on our walk, as if she'd allow it any other way. She loves to race around in the grass and attempts to keep the Ridgebacks in order. It's not an easy job you know. Zayi was happy she was with us because Esme is funt o chase.

However Esme prefers chasing since it's in her blood. Raimi gives her a run for her money but she is totally game. Nothing deters this little black bullet. I love the 'vapour trail' she leaves behind her in the grass (Raimi doesn't leave one because he's got longer legs).

Occassionally she stops for a break to catch her breath and let it all hang out. That's a tongue that says "Life is grand and I'm loving every minute." 

And showing off why she's such a kick ass Puli; every time she stopped she'd free stack like this ... perfection.

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