Monday, September 12, 2011

Hot Under the Collar

I got new collars for Esme and Cora a few weeks ago. Cora's came already but Esme's is still in transit. Cora's, if I do say so myself, is just gorgeous. I love this collar on her. I had to 'borrow' it for Leeloo this past weekend and for some reason it doesn't look as good on Leeloo as it does on Cora. Cora's new collar is purple because she was Miss Purple when she was born. There are lots of purple collars out there but it had to be a martingale style and the design on it had to be pretty because she's a girl. When it arrived I realised it's also the colors of Westminster Kennel Club ... maybe one day she will go to New York!

I got this one on Ebay because my usual collar supplier, where I got Raimi and Leeloo's, didn't have quite what I was looking for. This one I wasn't even really sure about when I saw it online but I got it anyway because the price was right. I love it. It suits her perfectly and on the smallest sizing it actually fits her quite well. In the 10 days I've had it she's grown enough that I had to enlarge it already. Or maybe it's just those ears that grew.

She didn't think being on lead was the coolest thing ever but has come along great with some guerrilla training. However, she, like any other dog I know, prefers to be out sniffing the grass, unsullied and unhindered by the tethers of ownership. She still sticks close by on walks because she's a little insecure but once her totally adorable tag arrives she'll be set to explore the wilds of Nova Scotia. Check out those eyebrow whiskers ... all set for detecting squirrels.

Esme's collar is a lovely green with a paisley pattern but it hasn't arrived yet. Right now she is stuck with a default collar that I can't even remember where I got. Her collar needed to be bright so hopefully the green will easy to spot in all that black. Raimi and Leeloo's collars are looking a little worse for wear. Leeloo isn't exactly easy on her collars, the one she has was totally gorgeous but it's been through the washer a few times due to her rolling shoulder first in something unmentionable in the woods. I got them a couple years ago and hers at least is probably going to be replaced this Christmas. She can still rock the red silk brocade though!

The Boy is easier on his collars than Leeloo but general wear and tear will see it replaced in the next year or so. I hate to throw away collars so these two will be relegated to the truck once they are demoted to second string. You never know when you need a spare collar. Cora will also do her best to help Raimi wear down his collar; once she's approaching her 'teenage years' she won't want to be seen with her Dad unless he's looking cooler than cool ... and that includes a shiny new collar. For now though she's not above giving him a kiss on the cheek; hang onto these moments Boy, they grow up so fast.

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