Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Growing Pains

The puppies think they can run really fast. If I'm chasing them after doing something naughty they sure can but out in the fields where the ground isn't level, there is grass to trip on and their own feet to coordinate, running often turns into stumbling and ending up in a tumbled heap. Sometimes though, things come together and they demonstrate the lythe athlete they will one day become. Zayi is all rippling ears and wrinkles.

Gotham, although a little on the slower side given his bulk, makes a good effort at being fast. He will grow like his Daddy and be completely uncoordinated until he's about 2 and then suddenly everything will work like it's supposed to and he will be really really fast.

Cora looks like she has managed to avoid her mother's gazelle gene and seems to be growing reasonably in proportion to herself. She will likely be quite in control of her moving parts for much of her growth although she won't be able to avoid the big feet and big ears common to the adolecence of the breed.

Ears: case in point. I just had to add this one ... bunny hop gives you bunny ears.

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