Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good Genes

It's incredibly uncanny how the puppies look and act like their parents but in different ways and for different reasons. Zayi is the little white footed girl who is long on leg and too clever for her own good, just like her Mommy. She doesn't really have a lot in common with her Dad except being very sweet and kissy.

She sure looks like Leeloo! She has those sweet eyes and great intelligent expression, I just love that face.

She is also really good at manipulating you so her new owner Pierre better keep one step ahead of this girl. Behind those sweet puppy-dog eyes is a little brain aiming to get whatever she wants.

Who me? Never! I would never do anything bad ... it's just impossible.

Reclining like the little princess that could do no wrong. Zayi certainly know how to get her way!

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