Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy Bodies

It's been a while since I last posted, things are a bit chaotic here and I keep running out of time to do anything more than breathe and clean up after a whirlwind of puppy destruction. I don't like my life complicated, I like things simple. So far in the last couple months my life has been the opposite of simple but most of it is my own doing so I shouldn't really complain but I will anyway since it makes me feel better. This past weekend I was at a canine reproduction seminar in Halifax with my mom so had to take the puppies to my parent's house. The reason why is complicated but the point is the puppies had a great time despite the pouring rain. Big thanks to my Dad for putting up with 6 dogs he doesn't own for 12 hours - they can be super annoying especially when they are not in their own house. My parent's property is where we will have the lure coursing in two weeks so the dogs were testing the newly mown grass and making sure the field was well broken in for bunny chasing.

This is the last kick at the can for the puppies to play. In 4 short days Cora will be on her own and the other two puppies will be in their new homes. They best be getting as much quality time in as possible before then since they will never see each other again. I just love this photo, they clearly are having a grand ol' time!

Despite the heavy mist that was rolling up the hill from the Northumberland Strait they enjoyed a good long run in the grass. Cora is in the lead, which follows since she's clearly the Captain in their little pack, with her Number One Zayi and then Ensign Gotham.

One day the puppies will be able to run as fast as they want and their legs will actually do what they expect them to. They are still a few months from that kind of coordination so until then they will have to look on enviously as their parents gallop effortlessly across the clearing. Puppies are cute and fun but there is little I enjoy more than watching the Big Dogs (and Esme) thunder past in reckless abandon with clear expressions of joy on their beautiful faces.

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