Saturday, October 15, 2011

Family Ties

Today is coursing day and I hope to have some photos and updates on that event tonight, if all goes according to plan, but until then we can all gaze lovingly at a small family of Ridgebacks. Well, I can gaze lovingly, you can admire or not as you wish. Some of my favorite photos are of the dogs just being together and this one of Raimi and Cora in the sunlight and shadows is so like a father and daughter going for an evening walk together. If he could hold her hand I'm sure he would - he's just that kind of Daddy Boy.

And although Leeloo can be a bit intense sometimes, she also has a softer side that shows she doesn't actually want to kill Cora. She looks much like a proud Momma here that it almost wipes out the image of her smashing Cora into the ground. Almost.

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