Monday, October 31, 2011

Fright Night

It's Halloween and I don't usually get that many little ghosts and ghouls to my door. The sign that says 'Property Guarded by Rhodesian Ridgebacks' with a silhouette of a dog on it probably deters most people. I'm not sure I want people to the door much; the house erupts into total mayhem for about 10 seconds and I have to stop whatever I'm doing to give away candy. Candy! I love candy so to have to give it away stings a little each time there's a knock at the door.  

I was a little more in the spirit this year because I grew a perfect Jack o' Lantern sized pumpkin in my backyard and wanted to carve it. I saw something similar online so decided I could do it too. I took an ad for a certain dog I bred and copied it onto paper. Then I cut it out and traced it onto the pumpkin and somewhat carefully carved out the shape. I think it looks very nice although I can see where I'll need to either pay more attention next time or just get better carving tools. It's pretty darn cool that I grew this pumpkin, bred the dog and carved the whole thing myself. Happy Howl-oween everyone!