Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mess Hall

In just 36 hours both Zayi and Gotham should be on a plane to their respective homes. They have made themselves quite comfortable here but alas, it is time for them to go. I'm sure Gotham will find another couch/bed/soft surface to sleep on in unusual positions and Zayi will have a person who adores her to rest her little head on. They are currently wreaking havoc in the dining room because it has been pouring buckets for days as the tailend of some hurricane or another brushes against the coastline.

Inside time is fine up to a point but today I learned a valuable lesson. When you get up at 3am to use the bathroom and open a new toilet paper roll, make sure to put it on the holder because if you leave it on the floor you'll forget about it and this will happen. It took the puppies about 2 minutes of unsupervised play to create this mess ... imagine if they'd had more time.

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