Sunday, October 23, 2011

Play On Players

It has been a lot longer than I intended to space between posts, not that I intended a space at all, but for some reason the spirit didn't move me. Plus I was painting walls in the house and between trying to keep a puppy from turning a lovely shade of Aqua Fiesta and moving picture frames and furniture around, I felt like I didn't have much time.

The photos from last weekend's lure coursing really need to start with this one of Raimi actually coursing. He's not determined, he's not intense but he's doing it. I am so proud of my Boy. Thanks to Cash's mom Jill for providing this photo.

The puppies fell to playing basically every single chance they got. I am told only one puppy picked up a tick - sorry Franco - and all were completely comatose for the evening which is the best kind of puppy to have. Tara's boy Rhone was very interested to say hello to Cora and Cash - he is young yet so maybe he still remembers what it's like to be a baby Ridgeback.

Cash and Zeppelin had a great time playing. They are both very big boys so they played fairly evenly for most of the afternoon.

Zeppelin had a few pounds on Cora but she still managed to hold her own. Better him than Leeloo although Leeloo probably thinks she's taught Cora some good life skills, like how to lose gracefully.

Franco is no fool and apparently has a good memory. This stare from Leeloo means a storm is brewing and he would be best to run for shelter. Leeloo took it easy on him though ... I hope Cora wasn't watching.

It was great to see the puppies and for the Moms and Dads to be able to chat with other Ridgeback owners besides me. It demonstrates that I'm not the only crazy Ridgeback owner in Nova Scotia! Hope to see everyone again next time and thanks to all for making our first lure coursing event a success!

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