Thursday, October 13, 2011

Old School

Now that all but one puppy are gone life has taken on almost a frenetic quality of Things to Do hard believe considering what things were like with the puppies here. I finally have a chance to sit down and relax for a bit so I thought I'd update with little Cora and her life without siblings. She certainly noticed that she's the only one left of her age group but it hasn't slowed her down much. She was playing hard core with Esme up until last Monday when I left her with my parents to take to New Jersey for a dog show - Esme, not Cora. While at their house we went for a walk and a new partner in crime emerged although I'm not entirely sure Cora is keen to have this particular playmate.

As mentioned before, Leeloo doesn't really pull her punches. I can tell she is a little frustrated that Cora is unable to engage in the level of play to which Leeloo is accustomed. It doesn't stop her from schooling her baby girl with a vengeance.

Cora takes the beatings with all the frightened innocence of a 4 month old puppy and I have to constantly correct Leeloo's intensity. She doesn't listen because she's Leeloo and 'in the moment' so mostly I just make sure Cora is not getting hurt. One thing I know for a fact about Leeloo is that she is one tenacious bitch.

Cora, to her credit, accepts the attention and although she sometimes hides to get away from Leeloo's constant badgering, she usually emerges ready for more play.

That is, until Momma mashes her into the ground and clearly feels no guilt. The expression of glee on Leeloo's face is almost criminal considering what she just did to Cora.

Their play is harsh and often looks like Cora is in danger of getting badly damaged but this is how Ridgebacks play. I say Leeloo doesn't really pull her punches but in actual fact she does, just not always as much as she should - otherwise Cora would get seriously hurt. If Leeloo played with her the way she plays with The Boy, Cora would be in serious danger. Being trounced into the lawn doesn't look like much fun but seconds later Cora is up and ready for more action.

It will only be a few more months before Cora will be able to engage in the kind of play Leeloo wants from her. Until then Cora will have to put up with being beaten up on a daily basis and I will have to get used to uttering the words "Leeloo! Back off!" I'm sure Cora appreciates my supervision!

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