Monday, October 24, 2011

Play Niece

The day after our lure coursing Archer came out to the property again for a walk with Leeloo, Raimi and Cora and he had a great time. He loves to chase and be chased and he especially loves to show off and who better to show off for than a neice like Cora who is uncoordinated and much slower than him. He spent quite a lot of time teasing her ...

She was pretty game though and didn't appear to mind him showboating even when he left her in his dust. He always let her catch up.


Just so he could grind her into the ground again. Despite the pounding Cora took Archer was still nicer to her than her mother ever has been, Cora should be grateful for small mercies.

Leeloo learned that sometimes you get your own back and Archer took care of that nicely. She wasn't very happy he ambushed her and told him so. Fortunately Archer just thought she was playing and not really trying to kill him for biting her bottom ... I suspect Leeloo feels he doesn't take her seriously.

It's all fun and games when you're young, carefree and have a lot of energy to burn. Archer will be so excited to have a little nephew of his own to play with ... maybe next year Archer. Meanwhile, Leeloo and Cora will have to do.

The happy family watching from the woods; brothers, cousins, uncle and niece ... aren't they a picture?

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