Friday, October 14, 2011

Field of Dreams

As mentioned we were at my parent's house last weekend and this coming weekend it is the location of the RRCEC lure coursing event is being held. I took a walk across the field just after my Dad had mowed it to see where the boggy spots were since it had been raining for a few days. It's looking very good and the dogs decided to test it out. Cora gave it two ears up.

Raimi tested the area near the trees. Looks like all systems go. He especially likes how short the grass is. My Dad got a new mower and spent some time testing his new toy in preparation for a bunch of Ridgebacks to chase a lure.

Both Raimi and Leeloo spent quite a lot of time racing around and showing off how fast they are. Fast enough to catch a lure? I guess we'll find out in less than two days!

Leeloo. What a show off. When she's not pummeling her daughter into the grass or on a serious squirrel hunt she's chasing Boy who is doing his silly run around the trees. Looks like the field gets the A-okay from all the dogs and that means we are green lighted for coursing!

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