Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shallow Hal

I have been fighting with Leeloo about her weight for a few weeks now. She is about 4 pounds over what I'd like to see her at and as they say, those last few pounds are the real challenge. I admit I spoiled her for a while after the puppies were born mostly because I just couldn't say no. She has a way.

However, this past couple weeks I've gone concentration camp on her butt and she has finally started to show the result. She's not quite there yet but if we have many more walks like we did a couple days ago it won't take long.

Leeloo likes to do the 'silly run' at least once per walk. Most people who have owned a dog know what the silly run is. They don't need to be chased, they don't need to be encouraged, they just get this crazy look in their eye, assert the silly tail and dash in loops and circles with utter abandon. Leeloo does this when she's trying to get Cora to chase her but once she realized Cora was not big or fast enough to keep up she just started show boating. It was a delight to watch. See the 'silly tail'?

Here she is actually dive bombig Cora who has already collapsed on the ground in a puddle of puppy goo because she knew she was going to get smashed there anyway. Leeloo doesn't care, she does a quick fly-by and is off again on another circuit through the grass.

With a few more days of walks like this and you'd never know Miss Leeloo was ever anything but svelt. Keep up the good work Doodles - you'll be running marathons in no time.

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