Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mother Dearest

I blink and it's Thursday. I'm not really sure what happened to Tuesday and Wednesday but they seem have have come and gone without much notice. Yesterday was another beautiful Fall day which we spent out in the fields. These days we tend to worry a little because it's hunting season and although where we walk is within town limits it doesn't mean people can't cross into the town without realizing it. Leeloo looks remarkably like a deer, actually they all blend pretty well, so much so that I have to really keep an eye on them or they disappear into the background.

 Leeloo seems to be able to sense that the forest animals are on the move preparing for winter. She is forever jamming her nose into the bushes and standing with her nose atwitch picking up on scents brought to her by a considerate breeze. When she gets the super concentrated look in her eye and makes a beeline in one direction with that nose high in the air I know she's caught whiff of something Interesting and Chaseable.

Fortunately I am often able to distract her and she sets upon Cora as back up prey. Cora is getting bigger every day but she still doesn't have the skill or weight to be able to outrun or out-tackle her mother. At least she looks like she's having fun ... right before the nose plant.

This isn't a very good photo but how cute is Cora? You can't tell but she has hardly any teeth so she is constantly gumming things and wanting to chew on stuff to make her mouth feel better. Daddy Boy licks her sore gums for her but there really isn't anything for it but time. All I can say is thank doG those damn puppy teeth are gone! Then again ... she now has exactly nothing to counter attack Leeloo with.

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