Saturday, November 12, 2011

Long Distance Relationship

Yesterday was an unreal day in which about a foot of rain fell, the wind blew down trees and fences (not mine fortunately), my power went out and I was forced to do things other than waste time on the internet. When everything was back online I opened my email to find some really great photos of Gotham and Zayi who I have to say I feel the closest to of all the placed puppies because they stayed so long. I am more than pleased with not only how great they've settled into their homes, particularly Zayi who had to learn a new language, but also how nicely they are maturing.  

Gotham didn't have a lot of exposure to children (any) before he left so when Kathryn took him to the park one day and he was confronted with an excited child, he decided they were not worth his time or effort and actively avoided them. Fortunately, he has come around to the idea that they might be fun after all and has possibly even discovered that they taste good (but are not for eating).

Zayi, as I remember her, was what I refer to as a high maintenance dog - she was constantly busy, looking for stuff to do and was invariably the puppy who got into trouble the most. Now apparently she gets to go for long walks on the beach to wear her out and according to her Dad Pierre she is a good girl in the house and spends her time napping on the couch or her dog bed. When he told me she'd get the best of everything he was not kidding! I am really blown away by how beautiful she is becoming, I love her face and I can see that she will be a traffic stopper on the island of St Pierre.

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