Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Princess Diaries

It's supposed to snow a lot in the next day or so and I'm okay with that. A lot of people don't like snow much and although I don't love it, I don't hate it. It's hard to hate something so innocuous. It's just ... there. It won't be our first snow of the season but it's likely to be the first one that sticks around for more than a few hours.

Cora had her first snow a few days ago when it was coming down in lovely great soft flakes and settling on the deck. I opened the door because she asked to go out, she looked out at the falling sky, backed up way into the kitchen and barked her biggest puppy bark to date. I couldn't convince her to go out unless one of the other dogs went first. She's like the royalty who has someone else taste her food to make sure it's not poisoned (only that would SO never happen with food) but with the snow it was to make sure it didn't sting or melt her or something.

Eventually I got Leeloo to go out and Cora happily followed her like "Oh yeah, that's cool, I knew it was nothing. I was just testing you." She didn't appear to notice there was snow on the deck and ground, just that something was coming out of the sky. Leeloo almost rolled her eyes and demanded to be let back in because as we know snow does melt when it lands on a warm body and she didn't appreciate her warm body being Cora's test subject.

I'm sure tomorrow when the snow is thick on the ground Cora will have another moment of horror and then she'll do what all the dogs do with the snow ... love it. For whatever reason snow on the ground is much more acceptable than snow in the air or rain so I look forward to a winter of frolicking and fun with a puppy and her parents and one naughty Puli. Hopefully we won't have the number of snowstorms we had last year (one every week for 6 weeks straight) but even if we do the dogs and I are prepared with warm coats and booties.

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RiderWriter said...

I just read this in the comments over at the Fugly Blog (discussion about "backyard breeders"):

The thing I really hate about having only “top quality” breeders is the general trend towards taking a breed trait to such extremes (for show) it produces animals with inherent disabilities. In the dog world that would correspond to some breeds with shortened noses and bigger eyes that cause serious health concerns with breathing and the eyes themselves. Or the Rhodesian Ridgeback where the ridge actually signifies spinal bifada (sp?) in varying degrees of severity.

WTH? Where did she come up with this?