Sunday, November 20, 2011

Circle of Friends

Archer came up for a visit so he could get in some RR time which he adores, Cora could play with someone who was not constantly beating her up and all the dogs could get worn out before we tackled the Christmas photo adventure. Through the Pictou County Kennel Club, of which I am a member, Director and Sectretary, we were offering Christmas photos done by a professional photographer. I was suggested as someone who could do the photos for the club but I don't do studio photography and wouldn't be comfortable asking people to pay for something I was pretty sure I could not do as well as a studio photographer could.

So before our photo fiasco I did what I do best and took some candids of the dogs playing to wear them out. Archer is a bit of a card, he has a very hard to suppress joy that can sometimes get him into trouble. He also, for whatever reason, completely, utterly, and totally adores The Boy. It tends to go a little beyond 'Aw cute' and often tips over into the realm of slightly awkward moments. I have so many captions for this photo floating in my head I don't even know where to begin. It's just so ... bizarre. Is he playing "Guess Who?", trying to see down Boy's nose, is Boy a blow up doll, playing Boy like a trumpet ... you decide.

Next to Boy Archer is a bit of a femme. Let's face it, he's kind of girlie in a sweet, Avatar way. Sandra, his Mommy, and her family think he would be a good Avatar. I'm inclined to agree - who wouldn't want to run like that - well, maybe not like *that*.

Nothing gets Archer down really and being chased by Esme is one of the highlights of his visits. She remembers him and chews on his legs, chases and body slams him just like always. It's so great to see good friends remembering each other and enjoying their renewed company.

He reminds me a bit of a carousel horse, just stick a pole through his body and you're set. I can even hear the carnival music.

He was Big Time showing off for Cora who is his little dream girl. She is small enough to play with but not big enough yet to win. Makes a nice change from being beaten up by Leeloo.

Cora likes him too, he doesn't grind her into the dirt like her Mom and he stops to catch his breath and 'stand play' sometimes which Leeloo isn't a fan of - go big or go home is her motto.

Archer looks so different from Boy that I have to remind myself that Archer is actually the more correct Ridgeback. It's lovely to see so much Halo in him, it makes her feel closer. He does have his Daddy Zuli in there though and what I don't see of Halo I know is Zuli for sure.

Archer is thriving in his 'new' home - hard to believe he's been there over a year now. It seems like yesterday that he was in my house and I was worrying about him settling in to someone else's life. Looks like I was worried over nothing since Donnie and Sandra are the greatest parents.

The Christmas photos are yet to come but here's one last one of Archer with his nose to the wind, ears flapping out of control and and eye on the future. A new Ridgeback addition is planned for Archer's life in 2012 and although he won't know what hit him but I bet he loves it.

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