Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Growing Pains

The puppies are just over 5 months old and it's time to update with how they are all doing. Hopefully I can get some more recent photos of each of them but I'll start with the ones I just got in the past few days. They grow so quickly it's hard to believe that they were once little babies I could hold in my hand. Cora is currently taking up about a third of the couch and when she tries to lie on my lap things get a bit crowded! Here she is in all her glory ... choosing a piece of grass to floss with.

These guys seem to spend a lot of time napping. Since they grow the most while they sleep it's no surprise they need frequent snooze breaks. This is Jax in Newfoundland who is certainly turning into a very big boy and following in the footsteps of his Dad. Fortunately this line pretty reliably grows very fast to about 9 months and then spends the next year or so filling out rather than up. Let's hope so otherwise Jax is going to need a bigger couch.

Delta now lives in Halifax where her family moved shortly after adding her to their home. She is obviously no stranger to being totally spoiled and just like a Ridgeback, knows precisely which chair is hers. She gets this from her mother who insists that my chair is her chair and I need to find somewhere else to sit ... just like who's ever chair this used to be!

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