Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cold Mountain

I think I mentioned it was supposed to snow. And how. It started at about 1pm and has continued to snow for the last 8 hours. By the time I got home from work at 3pm it was already a couple inches on the ground. I let the dogs out and although Raimi and Leeloo ran out with no problem, Cora screeched to a halt when she saw the scary white stuff on the deck. It certainly took some convincing to get her to step onto the deck but in the end a little push on her bottom resulted in her very first 'real' snow experience. Once out in the yard it was all excitement and plant chewing for her ... what a little cutie pie!

It's not really cold enough for the snow to stick to the dogs, once it lands it starts to melt but I did get some nice pictures before it became too dark to take any photos. Cora was very hard to photograph because once she committed to the snow experience it was hard to get her to stand still. Leeloo and Raimi were a little more cooperative because they were constantly expecting me to open the back door to let them into the house. These are the "Let me in, it's snowing and cold" faces.

I did get some nice photos of them looking like I wasn't deliberately torturing them. Leeloo perks up if she thinks I have some food for her, otherwise she reverts to the Sad Face as above.

Boy is better about looking handsome and regal in the snow. Personally I think all the wrinkles of concern make him look rather thoughtful. Snow dandruff is so cute and sparkly.

Leeloo managed to convince Cora to play a bit but since Leeloo doesn't care if she is mashing you into soft tufts of grass or cold wet snow, Cora wasn't sure playing should be on the agenda.

Once everyone was suitably cold, wet and tired we headed inside to the warm livingroom, lots of blankets and throws and the space heater kicking out warm air. Cora snuggled down with her Momma and although the storm still rages outside we are safe and warm, as it should be.

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