Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deep Cover

In case my photos give the impression that my dogs are always outside and active I thought I'd dispel that myth and show some photos of what they do 90% of the time. This breed, well mine anyway, are couch potatoes extraordinaire. Once they have their 30-50 minute walk in the morning, they are ready for the rest of the day's activities. This involves such excitement as lounging, napping, snoozing, sleeping, dozing, resting and relaxing. All this preferably involves a couch or bed but a dog pillow will suffice in a pinch.

There really are dogs in this photo - Cora is on the far right, Boy is on the left and Leeloo, although it may be hard to believe, is in the middle. They all prefer to have a blanket over top of them while they sleep, I'm not sure why but it seems to be a recurring theme with this breed.

Esme doesn't sleep on the couch much, not that there's room, but it's mostly because she gets too hot and prefers to lie on the floor where it's a bit cooler. This is her normal spot at the back corner of the comfy chair.

Leeloo was determined, for many weeks, that my chair was her chair. We had several arguments about who's chair it really was and those arguments sometimes ended with us both sitting in the chair. Given the size of Leeloo it got a bit cramped. However, since the advent of the futon she now prefers the futon because that is where I started sitting. If I sit in the chair for a while she reverts back to wanting to sit in it also. Power struggle? Definitely. It's strange because the chair, when she's in it, doesn't appear particularly comfortable ... but she is determined.

Raimi likes to sleep with his head on something. This can be uncomfortable because his head probably weighs about 20 pounds although Cora doesn't seem to mind being a pillow. He has a habit of needing to turn in a circle about three or four times before lying down which can be annoying in the middle of the night. Cora, being a puppy, will sleep almost anywhere but prefers to be cuddled. Don't we all? 

Leeloo is never fully satisfied until she has a binkie over her body, most especially her head. She makes that darling groaning noise of contentment and curls into a tighter Ridgeball when I put the blanket on her. It's very comforting to sit in my livingroom surrounded by peacefully slumbering dogs, to listen to the heavy breathing of their deep sleep and watch the gentle rise and fall of various throws and blankets. To that Leeloo says "As it should be."

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